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Should I Lease or Buy

Maybe your business is growing, even busting at the seams, you’ve got people on top of each other, sharing offices, trying to talk over each other and it’s time for more room! Or maybe your business is stabilized, well established and your >...


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Do I Need a General Contractor, or a Construction Manager

Are you about to begin a construction project for your business? Is the whole process starting to seem overwhelming and confusing? Entering the construction world is borderline equivalent to learning a new language involving terms such as Project Manager, >...


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Project Planning

So, you’ve been doing an awesome job running your business, you have a great marketing plan, a growing client list, excellent cash flow, and most importantly, an awesome team. The problem is, you’re out of space, maybe you need more space at >...


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Selecting a Qualified Commercial Contractor

          When starting any construction project there are several things for an owner to consider ranging from the type of construction to carpet color. With the success of your business at stake you’re >...


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Everyone at HCI is required to hold an OSHA 10 certificate.

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Capital Steel Products are ISO 9001:2008 Certified and ANAB Accredited.